RESET: Dr. William Stone

Dr. William Stone (Cognitive Neuroscientist)

Possible archetypes:
L. Ron Hubbard

Born 2002. A former psychiatrist turned cosmetic neurosurgeon. He is on a team of scientists at Designet, Inc. involved in the development of new genius babies and now IEDs (Intelligence Enhancing Drugs). Got his degree in an on-line university with a specialty in deep-brain stimulation.

He is the antagonist but only by suspicion. It is unknown whether the accident was intentional or the result of machine error. The accident investigation was conclusive that the cause of the accident was not a remote hacking, but rather the result of the cab hitting pavement buckling and veering to hit Tony.

He is a very influential benefactor to the development of a network of clinics that assist war veterans and athletes that have sustained brain trauma. He is also involved in the eradication of genetic diseases, especially Progeria Syndrome. His youngest son Cosmo was born with the disease. He has a sense of guilt that his genes were the cause, and is driven to assuage this guilt.

Wife is Ramona A. Stone (Ramona Gilberto) daughter and heir of a Brazilian lithium tycoon.