RESET: Tony Townes


Bob Dylan
Tom Morello
Transgender persona: Patti Smith

Tony is a gregarious regular Joe, an optical cable technician but is mostly unemployed. Born October 19, 2016 in Boston, but moved to London in 2030 with his Aunt Mimia on his mother's side. Both parents were killed in the war. In his new home he takes up boxing, music and art. Left London in 2040 to work in Dubai.

He is a singer-songwriter in the Bruce Springsteen tradition, but plays in a metal band. He is passionate about boxing having done it since he was 8 years old. Some of Tony's childhood friends have intimated that they were pretty rough on each other in the ring, causing a simmering suspicion that Tony's addictive behavior stems from blows to the head and not from the accident. There is also a shadow of a doubt that the accident was not the artistic epiphany as it was mythologized as. Tony was already a fairly good musician and started playing guitar at age 16. He's working on some new songs inspired by the first Mars colony.

He has a touch of face blindness as first noticed by Neone, but had it since childhood. His network of friends are mostly males.

Some music Tony might be influenced by or listening to: