RESET: Neone

Ai Grace (Neone)

23 years old, born 2023 in Shanghai, but moved to London at age 14 in 2037. She was a designer baby (nickname Baby Grace) with intelligence as her primary selector, and primed for immortality. She works as a waitress and plays bass in a band. It is ironic that with her superior intelligence she is not interested in math and science, although she excels in those areas. For all the promise designer babies had in the 2020s, it did not remove free will. Designer babies tend have had a high "recidivism rate" if they cannot or will not continue with IED (Intelligence Enhancing Drug) treatments from cradle to "grave".

She briefly worked for Dr. Stone when she was 18.

The aging process has been programmed to stop at age 25.

Sex for recreation only. While some of the older designer children have a desire to procreate, most are reluctant. Non-designer offspring age chronologically and become older than the parents once the immortality date is reached. For immortal humans, there is the date of birth (DOB) and date of immortality (DOI). Immortality is achieved through strictly controlled courses of IEDs to stop cellular deterioration. Immortality is not controlled at the genetic level in the early advances in genetic selection, but is far more advanced in the mid 2000s.

IEDs are also used recreationally for their eudamonic effects.

She was badly designed to begin with, or was chosen from a mediocre set of embryos, and was in an accident herself when she was a teenager that profoundly changed her life. This calls into question the effectiveness of genetic selection and editing in creating an overall societal benefit, when even the most refined and expensive "luxury" humans can be injured, go through personal crises, and experiment with identity. To the extent that emotions are completely organic, it follows that they will be completely dynamic.

She has an English accent with a slight Chinese lilt.

She was implanted with sensors, but many of them are broken, or have not had software updates. Most of the sensor manufacturers have been out of business for some time.

Musical instrument manufacturers have integrated controls that interface with fingertip sensor implants, and Neone has them in all ten digits. Even in 2046 very few people have them, and make them the object of desire by aspiring musicians.

Some music Neone might be influenced by or listening to: