The idea for this book arose directly from the character limit constraints of Twitter in early 2015, when I began posting them under the #sixwords hashtag. They are not haiku per se, but use similar rules, in this case three word pairs in alphabetic order.

The order of the entries is loosely in reverse chronological order. Later editions will be added at the end in ascending accession.

I chose only two fonts, one serif, one sans-serif, as a constraint to invoke a mood. More than two fonts were excessive, and one was too boring.

An asterisk * indicates that the haiku has a corresponding footnote at the accompanying blog. (The page number is the haiku number)

Twitter Hashtags: #sixwords, #AlliterativeHaiku


  1. 1. All lower case
  2. 2. Re-use of words and couplets allowed
  3. 3. Overlap in alphabet allowed, e.g. yza, zab
  4. 4. Ampersands and hyphens allowed
  5. 5. Sound-alike consonants allowed, e.g. "fine photography", and their spoonerisms "phine fotography"
  6. 6. Merged words are allowed, and can be formated per the following: northkorea, NorthKorea

If you would like to submit a photograph, video, URL, or other content linked with a word or word pair, please contact me

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