Ink Fireworks

Oxidized Steel Fireworks


Eclipse (2006)

30-minute virtual eclipse, with a black disc slowly passing in front of a bright blue disc. The soundtrack is a collage from individual tracks from Miles From Mars ("Hot Blue Star") and out-takes from Atmosphere Generation projects.

When shown in a gallery, the room is totally dark from approximately 13:00 to 15:00, then the sliver of light begins to emerge on the right of the disc.

The audio is installed with 3-4 players (6-8 speakers) running on shuffle play.

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Curvilinea (2006)

15-minute kaleidoscopic collage made from a series of transformed photographs, authored to DVD-Video with three soundtrack options:

1. Asiza
2. Copaxa
3. Psyop’s Mirror

Ben-Day Movie

Ben-day Dot Movie (2006)

Processing of 1950s 16mm home movie using the ben-day dot treatment.