Series of works arising from textual elements: individual letters, acronyms or truncated phrases that transform information into exformation.

Words are reduced to as many letters necessary to represent a word or concept, then used to make a basic form, from which other versions are generated with various materials, processes and treatments.

The materials used are in self-reference to titles and topics of the work like carbon, graphite, smoke, etc.

In a self-referential sense, these are a kind of "vocabulary" of what might become art, or using single letters or short words or acronyms as aesthetic forms.

Influences are the "Thesaurus" work by Mel Bochner and the word paintings of Ed Ruscha.

Series this far:

NMBY (Not In My Backyard)
CRBNTX (Carbon Tax)
OWS (Occupy Wall Street)
TSOK (It's OK)

I'm also now interested in the random words and phrases created by reCaptcha. Sometimes they suggest meaning, and are an interesting manifestation of random processes to present something whimsical.

In its purest sense making anything is an act of art, whether it be icy and formalistic, or emotionally expressive. Ideas of what is pictorial or decorative is another story, and is the most salient issue of perceiving what art is. Art is usually a retinal experience, but not necessarily for the artist as they continually inhabit a world of contemplation, watching thoughts float by and proceeding accordingly.