VISION: Cloud 17


CLOUD 17 (2015)
(Just the Clouds in 17th-Century Dutch Painting)


As a part of the Just Series, Cloud 17 is a photo collage of just cloud elements from 17th Century dutch painting, printed from a digital file in the Cloud on 12"x72" Habotai (China Silk)

Some of the artists: Jan Both, Meindert Hobbema, Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan van de Cappelle, Jan van Goyen.

The primary conceptual element of the work is that the pristine original resides in the Cloud (image is currently on a Google server), and that it can be worn as a garment with attributes that exist on the internet as a digital object. The current digital fingerprint is: b5b19bf6269c811b850c6dc78e822b7f55fbae66306d5b9ce313fe44503e2ae3

Another variant in progress is to embed "smart" elements into the fabric, using the same pristine digital original, with "threads" of merchant capitalism that go back to the 17th century.

Contact me if interested in this very first print in an edition of 1. Reproduction rights also available via Monegraph

Use this link to view images if not appearing below.