Digital Portfolio

A "treatment" is a digital iteration of a physical artwork, that is either in progress, or a derivative work after it is completed. Usually they are high-resolution, and can be printed on large canvases or on various other substrates, such as dibond.

Piezo 1.1: 66% Overlay
Piezo 1.2: Polyrhythmic
Acronyms in Exclusion
Red Shift
Wired Up, No. 1 (Treatment of Wire Shadows)
Partch (Treatment 1)
Partch (Treatment 2)
Koto (Treatment)
USED (Treatment)
xFoliate (Treatment of Macrophage No. 3)
Bullish Harami 1 (Treatment of Bullish Harami)
Ink Fireworks, No. 1 (Still from Video)
Ink Fireworks, No. 2
Ink Fireworks, No. 3