Using simple wind chimes as a metaphor, sound and/or music could be generated by the correlation of changes in wind speed with certain musical elements via MIDI. For example, when wind speed increases, tempo increases; or when wind speed increases, volume increases. There would be many possibilities, because you could correlate any meteorological event with any musical event.

A program could be written whereby you could compose different sets of rules and the music would be automatically generated according to those rules. You could save them as presets, such as "sunny and warm" or "bitter cold and windy" or "storm approaching".

Using a portable weather monitoring unit, weather data could be collected and fed into the music generator in real time.

A global organization could also be formed where people from all over the world would share their presets. Or some annual event, say the Summer Solstice, could be used as an opportunity to use the conditions preceding and following the event as a controlling data set to generate music.