Church Ruins/Orosi Valley (1999)

(27 sound files that randomly generates)

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Source files are field recordings taken in the Orosi Valley in Costa Rica by Brian Ziegler in the late 90s. I edited and transformed the sound files and created this collection.

Starting each of the three players below will create a stereo mix approximation of the randomization of three audio sources playing the same 27 tracks.

Experiment with starting the players at different tracks. Unfortunately these Box players do not shuffle play. They run sequentially track-to-track, but you can achieve some degree of 'false' randomization with manual manipulation. The longer the 27 tracks continously loop, the more the players will drift out of sync and seem more random, even though they are still playing in sequence.

Interesting sequences:

1. 12-15
2. 14-18 (Atmosphere)
3. 18-21 (Bells)
4. 20-24 (Bells and Waterphone)
5. 23-27 (Bells, Waterphone, Voices with effects)

Interesting seeds:

1. 7 ,8, 24
2. 27, 1 , 16

39 Steps

(39 sound files that randomly generate)