Exforma: Collected Writings 2002-2015

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Blogging was somewhat of a new format circa 2005, that has been slowly evolving, perhaps to more of a fixed medium. This is that Blog in a semi-fixed state, edited, slightly more formalized and curated, and set in an intermediate point on which the content can be revised and supplemented.

The advent of the smartphone in 2006 and various journaling apps that were subsequently developed made it much easier to record ideas, and to develop them into larger works.

This E-book also untethers the content from a desktop or laptop computer, and can be read on a hand-held device.

Contrary to the common view that the Amish are strictly averse on technology, they do embrace what is truly useful, sometimes long after it’s been introduced. Personally I fully embrace the power of the electronic notebook, even with clumsy thumb typing.

I believe all writers should exercise and defend imprimatur, that naturally suggests that text should be less plastic or “wet”. The water metaphor here is useful in that it implies the conductive power of electricity--and its danger: that is is vulnerable to being copied and transformed by the Net at large. The essays here have all been transformed from their “Blog” state. A Blog implies a log in reverse chronological order. This is not a Feed, although the order is more or less reverse chronological. A number of essays are recent or have been in progress since 2014.