A collection of adages, started in the early 1990s, inspired by my readings of Carl Jung, Paul Brunton, Joseph Campbell and the pithy musings of Asleigh Brilliant.

The title is a play on Dymaxion, the experimental house and car by Buckminster Fuller. It is created to be a living document (similar to Umberto Eco's idea of the Open Work), continually edited to align with changes in my thinking, as well as serving as a way for me to connect one discipline to another.

In the early 1980s, Jacques Derrida embraced the mutability of electronic text:

"With the computer, everything is rapid and so easy; you get to thinking you can go on revising forever." Michael Crichton said that, "When you type, the words appear on the screen...you can move around on the screen, change what you've written, pull blocks of text, put them elsewhere. You have complete freedom."

As an "open work", revisions and marginalia are scattered around the internet:

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